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Photography is an ongoing evolution for us and we appreciate the journey as much as the outcome. Wildlife is our main focus, though it is not our only interest. Our goal when photographing wildlife subjects is to capture a bit of their behavior that isn’t readily seen during casual observation. We also seek to capture a degree of emotional connection to the subject through the image.

As avid divers, capturing images of marine life that we encounter underwater has long been our primary photographic interest. However, professional careers and living in the central USA (originally St. Louis and now Kansas City) have always limited our underwater opportunities. In recent years our interests have broadened to include: topside nature, birds, cityscapes, landscapes and select live musical performances.

Lisa began diving in 1993 and started taking pictures underwater in 1997. She recently retired from dentistry after several decades of providing chair-side support for patients.

Dave started diving in 1975 and began taking pictures underwater in 1981. He subsequently achieved certification as an open water scuba instructor and specialized in teaching underwater photography during the era of film cameras. He has degrees in electrical engineering and business, and is now retired after a 35-year career with General Electric.

Now that we are retired and the pandemic is no longer running interference, we are eager to resume underwater photography while continuing to pursue birds and topside nature. Fortunately, Kansas is positioned in the central migratory path of North American birds which provides very good opportunities.

We love living in KC as the city is vibrant, progressive, friendly and has a fantastic jazz music scene.  We are also delighted to be members of a terrific KC photo club called Digital Dimensions


Prior to our move to Kansas City in 2007 we were active in The St. Louis Camera Club, the Missouri Nature and Environmental Photographers, and the Gateway Hammerheads Scuba Club.

For fine diving in the middle of the U.S. visit Mermet Springs, "The Home of First Class Diving". Go to our Mermet Springs photo gallery here.

  • St. Vincent 2018

    St. Vincent 2018

  • De Soto, Kansas 2019

    De Soto, Kansas 2019

  • 2004 - The late Larry Smith:  pioneer of diving in Indonesia and dive guide extraordinaire

    2004 - The late Larry Smith: pioneer of diving in Indonesia and dive guide extraordinaire



Dave: Nikon D850 in a Nauticam housing and Ikelite DS 160 strobes.

Lisa: Nikon D7500 in a Nauticam housing and Ikelite DS 51 strobes. 

Lenses for underwater images:

Nikon 105mm/f2.8 micro (sometimes in combination with Nauticam SMC-1 super-macro lens)

Nikon 60mm/f2.8 micro

Nikon 20mm/f2.8

Nikon 8-15mm/f3.5-4.5 Fisheye


Lisa: Nikon D7500

Dave: Nikon D850 and D500.

We still have a Nikon D700 (formerly used underwater along with a D200) which may occasionally see some general topside use.

Lenses for topside nature, birds and wildlife images:

Nikon 300mm/f4 PF

Nikon 500mm/f5.6 PF

Nikon TC-14E III teleconverters (used with 300mm and 500mm lenses)

Nikon 200-500/f5.6

Nikon 105mm/f2.8 micro

Lenses for general use, cityscapes and landscapes:

Nikon 24-120mm/f4

Nikon 70-300mm/f4.5-5.6 (for topside travel)

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